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*We want you to know that after careful consideration, the CVYO Board has voted to delay the resumption of rehearsals this fall. This may be for 1-2 months, or through the end of January, 2021. Because of the delay, auditions and registrations are still being accepted.

Musicians ages 5-21 years are invited to register and audition as candidates for the CVYO ensembles. *For the 2020-2021 concert season, musicians will need to register first then submit a link to a video recording of their audition. If you need help with this process just email!

Download Excerpts and Audition Details Here

Please read the instructions below and on our Audition Info and Excerpts page.

Reference recordings can be accessed here.

All musicians must first register then submit a video audition, due no later than Sunday, August 16, 2020. Once accepted into the program, musicians will receive a link to schedule a short in-person interview where they will receive individual feedback on their audition video, their performance the previous year (if applicable), and receive their placement in the orchestra. A non-refundable registration/audition fee ($25) is charged to offset the cost of processing your registration and audition.


Auditions are held once a year in the summer months for the new season beginning in September. Occasionally an audition is granted mid-season based on available positions in the orchestras/ensembles. Please contact us to request a mid-season audition.


Based on the regulations and progress in the state of California and Ventura County, CVYO is planning on beginning rehearsals the first week of September 2020. While our exact rehearsal format is still being developed, we fully expect to be able to rehearse in full or near-full-sized ensembles in September while observing precautions to mitigate the risk of disease transmission. We have been consulting with

policy and medical professionals and will be presenting our format and planning to all of our

musicians and families as the summer progresses. We encourage everyone to audition and

prepare for a wonderful 60th Anniversary Season!

Musicians are required to be currently studying with a private teacher and to have had at least one year of lessons to be considered for placement. If you are in need of a private music teacher, references and information is available upon request.


Three CVYO orchestras from entry level through advanced are available. Read more about our ensembles  here. 


Please use our audition excerpts as a guide for the level of challenge in an ensemble. Youth Strings can expect to study a total of 6-8 pages of similarly difficult repertoire. Preparatory Orchestra can expect to study 10-12 pages of similarly difficult repertoire. Youth Orchestra can expect to study 18-24 pages of similarly difficult repertoire. We do not sight-read at rehearsal and expect all our musicians to consult with their teacher and put in whatever work is necessary to thrive with the music they have committed to.


Youth Strings players who are preparing for the Preparatory Orchestra will have the availability of the “Flore Ensemble” to hone their skills and take on greater challenges. Youth Orchestra musicians who are ready for a more refined program will have the availability of “CVYO Virtuosi” to rehearse chamber orchestra and chamber music repertoire with guest artists to broaden their musical development.

CVYO is committed to its mission to “Inspire Youth Through Music.” The audition format exists to help musicians find the ensemble where they will grow and succeed the most as musicians, and to help the directors get to know each incoming musician. Our directors consider placement based on:


  • Technical ability

  • Musical and social maturity

  • Ensemble experience

  • Work ethic

  • Commitment to attend rehearsals and performances

  • Returning musicians’ attendance record

  • Enthusiasm and willingness to learn


Ensemble placement is at the discretion of our directors who are committed to prioritizing equity and opportunity for each and every musician.


Auditions for the following orchestral instruments are available:

Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, 

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Contrabassoon,

French Horn, Trumpet, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba, Percussion, Pedal Harp


We do not audition for guitar, saxophone or baritone horn.


Please note: bass clarinet, bass trombone, contrabassoon, pedal harp and percussionists DO NOT need to submit an audition video as they will be contacted for a private audition.


Pianists may request a private audition in the case that piano or organ parts are included in the repertoire.


Rehearsals are held weekly on Thursdays at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Westlake Village. Check the performance calendar at and make sure you can commit to the performance dates before registering and submitting an audition. 

Performances and dress rehearsals are NOT AN OPTION, they are REQUIREMENTS.



  1. Click here to pay the $25 registration/audition processing fee. Once paid, scroll to the bottom of the confirmation page and click "Return to Merchant" to register. If you are unable to pay the registration/audition fee please email us at

  2. Complete the registration form. Once registered you may submit your audition video by e-mailing a link to Audition videos are due no later than August 16th and cannot be accepted until the musician has registered.

  3. Click here for complete audition information and excerpts and download them for your instrument. Good luck!

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