CVYO semester sheet music 


Every effort is made to have all of the music for the semester available online for the Preparatory and Youth Orchestras before rehearsals begin. However, updates are done periodically when not all of the parts are available. You will always receive your parts at rehearsal. Music for the Youth Strings Orchestra will not be posted online.

Before attempting to sightread your part it is imperative that you LISTEN to the music!

Preparatory Orchestra Music

Youth Orchestra Music

*If no marked parts are available for a piece, please use the originals.

Principal player audition information

Principal Player auditions are for string players in the Preparatory and Youth Orchestras only and are held on one day within the first month of each semester (as needed). Musicians interested in auditioning for a principal position should sign up at least one week before the first rehearsal of each semester. Click the appropriate link below:

Preparatory Orchestra Sign-ups

Youth Orchestra Sign-ups

Candidates will be asked to play an excerpt from anywhere in the repertoire posted for their orchestra online. To make the auditions equitable for all musicians, Principal Player auditions will be held on one day only.

The following principal positions are available in the Preparatory and Youth Orchestras:

Violin 1 - Concertmaster and Co-Concertmaster (2 positions which may rotate)

Violin 2 - Principal and Assistant Principal

Viola - Principal and Assistant Principal

Cello - Principal and Assistant Principal

*Bass, Woodwinds and Brass Principal Players will be selected by the director.

What makes a good principal player?


Principal section leaders are an important part of the orchestra! They set the tone for rehearsals. Not only should they know their parts early on, but they should be able to identify needs within their section. (Bowings, articulations, problem passages, correct playing style, etc.) Principal players should be able to discreetly communicate with their section in an effective way that always shows respect for others.


A good Principal player will:

  • Always be at rehearsals (and on time), or jeopardize their position

  • Be prepared

  • Show confidence

  • Be willing and able to demonstrate a passage for the orchestra

  • Play solos required in their part

  • Lead the section into entrances

  • Be a good example with their attendance and behavior during rehearsals, etc.

  • Look out for younger musicians and help them when needed.


Principal positions are a unique opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills. They are looked upon with high regard by universities and future employers.

Are you up for the challenge?


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Good Luck!

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