The Youth Strings is our entry level orchestra and is designed to develop basics such as technique, listening skills, following a conductor and learning to perform with an ensemble. A minimum of one year of study is required to audition.  The Youth Strings is generally 85 to 100 musicians.

Karen Sanchez-Conductor

Youth Strings

Preparatory Orchestra

The Preparatory Orchestra is our intermediate level group. Music with a higher degree of technical demands is selected. This orchestra includes woodwinds, brass and percussion and is generally 75 to 100 musicians.

Bill Benson-Conductor

Youth Orchestra

The Youth Orchestra is a full symphonic orchestra and is comprised of our most advanced musicians. They perform major original scores by masters such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mahler and Bach. The Youth Orchestra is generally 90 to 100 musicians.

Bill Benson-Conductor

CVYO Virtuosi

The CVYO Virtuosi consists primarily of principal string players from the Youth Orchestra and rehearse after Youth Orchestra rehearsals. CVYO Virtuosi is coached by Alexander Tseitlin, Director of Musicianship Development.

Brass Quintet

The Brass Quintet consists of advanced musicians from the Youth Orchestra and is coached by our brass coach, Debbie Boltinghouse.

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