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Audition Information and Excerpts

Audition Information:

1.     To register and schedule an audition, click here to pay the $25 registration/audition processing fee. Once paid, scroll to the bottom of the confirmation page and click "Return to Merchant" to register and schedule an audition. If you are unable to pay this fee please email us at

2.    Complete the registration form. Once the form is completed and submitted, you will be directed to our audition scheduler. 

3.    Please be prepared to set your audition date and time immediately following the submission of your registration form. (Bass clarinet, bass trombone, contrabassoon, pedal harp and percussionists, you will be contacted for an audition and sent excerpts after you are registered. Please do not schedule an audition.)

4.    Audition requirements and excerpts are below.

Good luck!


Audition dates for 2019-2020 Concert Season: 

Returning Musicians-A musician is considered a “returning musician” if they participated with CVYO in the immediate previous semester. Musicians with a semester or more lapse in participation are auditioned as a “New Musician.”


Returning Musicians:

Sunday, July 7, 2019     3-6pm 

Monday July 8, 2019     2-5pm    

Tuesday July 9, 2019     12-3pm   


New Musicians:

Tuesday, July 30, 2019     12-4pm   

Wednesday July 31, 2019     1-5pm  

Thursday August 1, 2019     10am-1pm   

*If you are unable to audition on the dates above, please email


For the audition, the musician needs to prepare the following:


Conejo Valley Youth Strings

Scale: Any one octave major scale of your choice.

Solo Excerpt: One minute or less of a piece of your choice; choose any part of the piece that best shows your technical & musical ability.

Orchestral Excerpt: Learn the excerpt for Youth Strings. Click this link, then select the Youth Strings Excerpts folder. Download and print your excerpt.


Conejo Valley Youth Preparatory Orchestra

and Conejo Valley Youth Orchestra

Scale: 2 or 3 Octave Major Scale of your choice to be played at a metronome setting of 120 or faster per note for the Preparatory Orchestra, or at a metronome setting of 160 or faster per note for the Youth Orchestra.

Solo Excerpts: Please prepare two minutes of excerpts that reflect your technical and expressive ability. This can be two short (1-minute) excerpts from different pieces in your solo repertoire, or one longer (2-minute) excerpt from one piece that displays expressive and technical ability. String players should demonstrate their mobility in as many positions as they can handle, their velocity technique, their command of articulation, and range of colors of vibrato. Wind and brass players should demonstrate their control in various ranges, their velocity technique, and command of articulation.

Orchestral Excerpts: Please be prepared to play the entire orchestral excerpt for your instrument. Consideration should be given to tempo, expressive playing, and demonstrating an understanding of the period and style of the music. Please use the link to our Spotify playlist to begin your research on the excerpt.


In case of multiple or divisi parts, please play the upper voice. Reduce multi-measure rests to a single measure during your audition, but otherwise perform the rests. Clarinet, horn, and trumpet may be required to transpose during the season and should learn the short transposition excerpt and perform it at the correct concert pitch (contact your private teacher for help). All excerpts are selected from the upcoming season's repertoire and are designed to demonstrate your ability to learn orchestral material.


Click this link, then select the appropriate excerpts folder. Download and print your excerpt.


*If you are new to the Preparatory Orchestra, please be prepared to play both the Youth Strings and the Preparatory Orchestra excerpts.

* If you are new to the Youth Orchestra, please be prepared to play both the Preparatory and the Youth Orchestra excerpts.


Even though you prepare the music for a specific orchestra, your orchestral placement will be based on your technical & musical ability as well as the availability of seats within the orchestras.


Principal Player

Principal Players for the Conejo Valley Youth Preparatory Orchestra and the Conejo Valley Youth Orchestra string sections. Audition information is here.

Brass Quintet

The CVYO Brass Quintet is coached by professional trombonist, Debbie Boltinghouse and consists primarily of Youth Orchestra musicians. Interested musicians should email:

CVYO Virtuosi

The CVYO Virtuosi consists primarily of principal players from the Youth Orchestra. CVYO Virtuosi rehearse after Youth Orchestra rehearsals. For more information please email:​

Read our "Audition Dos and Donts" to help you prepare for any audition!


Auditions are held at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 32111 Watergate Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361.

Questions? Please email


Thank you for your interest in the Conejo Valley Youth Orchestras.

We look forward to another exciting season!


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