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Audition Information:​

*We want you to know that after careful consideration, the CVYO Board has voted to delay the resumption of rehearsals this fall. This may be for 1-2 months, or through the end of January, 2021. Because of the delay, auditions and registrations are still being accepted.


For the 2020-2021 concert season, musicians will need to register first then submit a link to a video recording of their audition. If you need help with this process just email!

 Download Excerpts and Audition Details Here

Please read the instructions below and on our General Information page.

Reference recordings can be accessed here.

1. To register and submit an audition, click here to pay the $25 registration/audition processing fee. Once paid, scroll to the bottom of the confirmation page and click "Return to Merchant" to register with CVYO. If you are unable to pay this fee please email us at

2. Complete the registration form. Once registered you may submit your audition video. Audition videos are due no later than August 16, 2020, and cannot be accepted until the musician has registered.

3. Record and submit your audition video.

4. Send a link to your audition video to: Be sure to state “CVYO Audition and your name” in the subject line.


Videos may be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or you can attach a file to your email. Be sure to set your audition video upload to “private.”  If you need help with creating or uploading your audition video, please contact us!


(Bass clarinet, bass trombone, contrabassoon, pedal harp and percussionists, you will be contacted for an in-person audition and sent excerpts after you are registered.)

Good luck!

Audition Requirements:

1. Introduction:

Please begin by introducing yourself verbally with the following information:

your full name

your school or ISP

your grade in school

how long you have been studying your instrument

the first and last name of your private teacher

Be sure to identify your scale, excerpt, and solo piece before performing them. New musicians please briefly list your large ensemble experience if any.

2. Scale:


Youth Strings: Any 2 octave scale of your choice.

Preparatory Orchestra: Any 3 octave (2 octave for contrabass) scale of your choice, 8 per bow at a moderate tempo.

Youth Orchestra: Any 3 octave (2-octave for contrabass) scale of your choice, performed 8 per bow at a moderate tempo AND 24 per bow at a fast tempo.


Winds and Brass

Preparatory Orchestra: Any 1 or 2 octave scale of your choice at a slow AND moderate tempo.

Youth Orchestra: Any 1 or 2 octave scale of your choice at a moderate AND faster tempo. Please select a scale that demonstrates your full range and control of tone.


3. Orchestral Excerpt:

The required orchestral excerpt(s) for the ensemble you are auditioning for (Youth Strings, Preparatory Orchestra, or Youth Orchestra.) You are only required to play the excerpt(s) for the ensemble you are auditioning for. Please note the excerpts are selected from the coming year’s repertoire. Your preparation in the excerpts reflects your preparation for the semester.

Download Excerpts and Audition Details Here


4. Solo Excerpt: Your choice of 2-3 minutes of solo repertoire:

You may choose solo excerpts from 1 to 2 pieces and cut anywhere you choose. Please choose selections that demonstrate your technical AND lyrical ability.


*Even though you prepare the music for a specific orchestra, your orchestral placement will be based on your technical & musical ability as well as the availability of seats within the orchestras.


You will be notified via email of your acceptance by the first week of August and will be sent a link to schedule a short in-person interview where you will receive individual feedback on your audition video, your performance the previous year (if applicable), and your placement in the orchestra. Chair placements are done during the first month of rehearsals and changes can occur.


Principal Player

Principal Position auditions are available in the Preparatory and Youth Orchestras for players who demonstrate exemplary preparation and leadership. String Principals are selected by audition during the second rehearsal of the semester. Wind/Brass/Percussion Principals are selected mid-semester in the Fall.


CVYO Virtuosi

The CVYO Virtuosi consists primarily of the principal string, wind, brass and percussion players from the Youth Orchestra. They study a parallel program alongside the Youth Orchestra, performing major string and chamber symphony literature. This ensemble performs four full concerts per year and appears in both the January and June concerts. For more information please email​


Read our "Audition Dos and Don'ts" to help you prepare for any audition!


Auditions are held at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 32111 Watergate Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361.

*Rehearsal location and times are subject to change.


Questions? Please email


Thank you for your interest in the Conejo Valley Youth Orchestras.

We look forward to another exciting season!


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